Railway symulator

Training with the use of a railway vehicle simulator in accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of Infrastructure and Development of February 10, 2014. on train driver’s certificate


The DRAGON 2 rail vehicle simulator uses the technically advanced, fully proprietary SimRail simulation software, which provides unprecedented realism of driving physics, high quality graphics and railway line mapping.
DRAGON 2 railway vehicle simulator – details here.
OTTIMA plus offer Training with the use of the train simulator HERE.
Dragon 2 railway vehicle simulator is available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. We provide full flexibility of training dates, the highest quality of training and a convenient location.
We have six experienced instructors at our disposal.

We provide services for the following target customer groups:
– Existing active train drivers of railway vehicles who are obliged to maintain their qualifications through annual statutory training level on railway simulators in the amount of min. 3 hours a year.
– Candidates for train drivers in the area of the course for obtaining the qualifications of train drivers certificate.
– Persons who need to retrain from the authorization to drive rail freight vehicles to passenger transport and vice versa.
– Train drivers who should undergo emergency training (e.g. after an accident), as a result of recommendations of the State Railway Accident Investigation Commission.
– Students of technical universities or students of secondary schools as part of teaching activities.
– Other interested persons.

Classes are conducted by a train driver individually for one driver at the simulator desk. The simulator meets all the requirements for railway vehicle simulators specified in the applicable regulations and includes a full-size locomotive cabin modeled on the DRAGON 2 vehicle with an electric-diesel drive. LCD monitors display a simulation image with a resolution of 4K and a size corresponding to the size of the front and side windows of the simulated vehicle. In addition, the driving simulator software and instructor software enable the setting of unusual and potentially dangerous situations that map different times of the day and night, as well as weather and weather conditions. The image is generated at the correct scale corresponding to the view through the windshield of the vehicle.

The price is individually negotiated in a progressive manner and depends on:
– number of trained drivers (the greater the number of drivers, the lower the unit price per training hour);
– customer’s location;
– the agreed date;
– number of hours;
– driver’s individual criteria;
– terms of the contract / cooperation structure (one-off contract / order / with price guarantee / without price guarantee / definite period / indefinite period).
Our offer is addressed to both train drivers and railway enthusiasts.

Our competitive differentiating advantage:
– positive, progressive relationship between the price and the high quality of the railway vehicle simulator;
– attractive location – the center of Katowice, providing parking spaces;
– attractive routes
– Katowice / KWK Staszic – Sędziszów
– Katowice – CMK – Warsaw Central made with the use of real geodetic data along with the mapping of infrastructure and surroundings;
– the highest image quality of the simulator – 4K;
– faithful representation of the cabin of the modern Dragon 2 locomotive;
– high-quality realism of driving physics;
– possibility to work in the diesel locomotive and electric locomotive mode;
– the possibility of driving the locomotive in bulk and driving with a train set;
– possibility to change the state of SRK devices;
– perfect mapping of railway traffic in side shafts;
– technically advanced proprietary simulation software SimRail;
– experienced engine drivers instructors;
– many years of experience of OTTIMA plus Sp. z o.o. as a driver training center;
– if the Customer so wishes, the possibility of active participation of a train driver supervising the training process on the part of the Customer;
– trainings carried out at convenient hours for the customer, even 24/7;
– full range of unusual events in accordance with the guidelines of the Office of Rail Transport;
– the ability to dynamically generate events in real time;
– registration and reporting of the training course;
– comfortable conditions of the simulator’s waiting room and the customer service point, a separate comfort zone from the work area of instructors and train drivers, coffee service is also available.

Address: Katowice, ul. Gallusa 12 (both from Wrocław, Kraków and Częstochowa, it is possible to get to our headquarters without the need to enter the city center).

OTTIMA plus Sp. z o.o. it is located approximately 200 meters from the “Wujek” mine.

Please contact us! We are happy to present our offer.
Contact, details, registration:
tel. 668 894 577