The activities of OTTIMA plus create conditions for strong integration of the railway sector.

We have been with you since 1999.

We conduct technological and training activities in the railway area.
We conduct scientific research, develop technology and practice knowledge in rail transport.

Satisfaction and customer satisfaction are our motto, and positive references from recognized customers and friendly relationships with former contractors are proof of the high quality of our services.

Ottima plus is a unique bundle of values ​​for the railway sector in the management, technological and economic dimensions, which has the ability to combine these areas in the implementation of the most complex projects.

With us, even the most difficult projects become simple and feasible.

You don’t believe? Ask for our references. We will be happy to send it to you:

OTTIMA plus is your first choice. We have been trusted by so many for years. Your success is also our success.
We rush dynamically for you along the track of railway knowledge.
We have the drive to create the future of railways.

OTTIMA plus is the initiator and knowledge broker of the Southern Railway Cluster, which has been entered into the membership of the European Railway Clusters Initiative (ERCI) – European Railway Clusters Initiative, which enables dynamic development of rail transport in Poland and access to the best and most modern solutions in the sector.

Our achievements

  • 30 committed consultants
  • Over 1,000 consulting projects
  • Over 3,000 people trained in safety in rail transport
  • Over 500 trained drivers
  • More than 20 railway training programs
  • Knowledge Broker in the Southern Railway Cluster
  • Over 100 articles in leading trade journals
  • Organization of over 200 industry conferences
  • Certificates – ISO 9001, KSU Certificate No. 12/52/2014/458
  • PCA Accreditation of the Inspection Body

Key OTTIMA plus SP. Z O.O. permits

  • Entry in the register of non-public continuing education institutions kept by the Mayor of Katowice.
  • Entry in the register of training companies of the Voivodeship Labor Office. Registration number 2.24 / 00029/2013.
  • Entry in the register of entities conducting courses on the transport of dangerous goods. No. in the register 30/2013 / RPPKPTN.
  • Powers of the Office of Technical Inspection to conduct courses. Register number DD-09-1 / 01-13 / P and DD-09-2 / 01-13-P.
  • Decision of the Railway Transport Office of September 10, 2013. – entering on the list of entities authorized to train and examine persons applying for train driving licenses and train driving certificates.
  • Accreditation Certificate No. AK 022, for an independent assessment body AsBO (Assessment Body) type A.