The nationwide project “NOW YOUR RAIL” is a series of innovative trainings aimed at increasing the level of knowledge of railway companies’ employees, identifying key trends in the issues of railway traffic safety, integrating the railway environment for the development of management systems, process improvement and monitoring of railway traffic safety results, but most of all, popularizing knowledge about the safety culture in rail transport.

The project “NOW TWOJA KOLEJ” was created in 2011 due to changes in the perception of Polish railways. The main assumption of the project “NOW YOUR RAIL” was to train as many people as possible from the railway sector in the field of safety management in rail transport. Issues such as railway transport safety, technological and organizational aspects of the maintenance of railway vehicles and track infrastructure in the context of legal changes and a wide range of railway investments, new methods as well as railway siding management techniques require constant discussion, updating and new interpretation.

The project “NOW YOUR RAIL” involves sharing this knowledge, ie analyzing safety objectives, key legal, technical and economic problems in the railway sector and developing the joint knowledge management of railway system operators.

Basic training is characterized primarily by an individual approach to the presented issue and a transparent transfer of knowledge to training participants. The meetings are based on a broadly understood dialogue / discussion with training participants, which undoubtedly stimulates the imagination and fosters involvement in the training process. A big plus is undoubtedly the substantive preparation of trainers, updated on an ongoing basis, and unlimited certificates.