Operation and maintenance of railway sidings

  1. Conducting audits including the management review of the railway siding. Checking the correctness of the company operating the railway siding, i.e. traffic technology, vehicles, personnel competences, infrastructure maintenance.
  2. Conducting training in the field of legal aspects related to the operation of a railway siding.
  3. Performing the function of a railway siding coordinator in constant readiness, including monitoring of the legal area in order to search for changes and propose to the Employer the implementation of specific modifications to internal regulations or the regulations of the railway siding operation.
  4. Periodic reporting on accidents at railway sidings.
  5. Representing the company before the National Railway Accident Investigation Commission of the designated representative
  6. Cooperation (supervision) over the work of the railway commission in the event of a railway incident
  7. Ad hoc control (at least once a quarter) of the functionality of the railway siding operation
  8. Updating the regulations of the railway siding, in particular improving the schematic plans of the railway track and railway traffic control devices and submitting the regulations to the manager of the railway infrastructure with which the railway siding is connected for the purpose of giving an opinion
  9. Check and update internal instructions
  10. Maintaining the railway siding safety certificate in the current legal status
Maintenance offer resulting from:
  • Operating and maintenance manuals for railway traffic control devices,
  • Instructions on the organization of shunting work,
  • Instruction on the handling of railway incidents
  • Track, turnout and track bed maintenance instructions and
  • Instructions for dealing with railway incidents

  • In the scope of SRK:
  • Performing the necessary maintenance and other maintenance activities
  • Ongoing supervision over the efficiency of the SRK devices
  • Keeping maintenance and repair documentation
  • Conducting inspections in accordance with the applicable Construction Law

  • In the field of railroad:
  • Performing the Review in accordance with the construction law, track system and railway crossing
  • Inspection of turnouts, track rounds
  • Keeping the necessary documentation by reporting completed tasks

  • In terms of shunting:
    1. Inspecting the visibility of signals and indicators on the siding in general
    2. Reporting on the technical condition of the siding
    3. Reporting non-conformities
    4. Representation before UTK