Training using a train vehicle simulator

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Driving on a train simulator aims to:

  1. Developing behavior related to driving trains and shunting in situations critical for the safety of railway traffic.
  2. Developing the ability to drive train and maneuvering, taking into account psychophysical features adequate for rail transport.
  3. Developing the principles of safe driving and shunting in a dynamic technical system in terms of safety and reliability.
  4. Verification of the ability to react quickly in situations critical to the safety of railway traffic during train and shunting operations.
  5. Verification of the behavior of railway drivers in the situation of applying scenarios of unusual situations in the process of train and shunting operations.
  6. Evaluation of the driver’s reaction to critical situations for the safety of railway traffic (failures, device faults, running on the wrong track, driving on written orders, etc.)

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